Pellet Feeder

Hardware Description

Our pellet feeder is assembled from laser-cut components that can be odererd online by simply uploading an eps of the sketch (downloads-section). Our experience with these services (, has been positive, they are relatively fast and affordable.

Panels that have been laser-cut from acrylic can be chemically welded with dichlormethane by simply allying a drop of the ‘glue’ to the gaps between assembled components (handle with care, dichlormethane is potentially carcinogenic).

The feeder can easily be adjusted for different (round) pellets by adjusting the diameter of the holes in the rotating disc and/ or cutting from material of different thickness.  The feeder is operated by a fully programmable stepper-motor (code is in the downloads section) and can be triggered via digital IO pins. We also included an LED-strip as feeder-light. Motor and LED operate on 24V, we dim the LED to about 12V with a potentiometer.

Software downloads