Neural Basis of Learning

We aim to better understand the neural basis of cognition in the avian brain by studying crows and jackdaws. The lab is located in the department of Psychology at the Ruhr-University Bochum.



New publication available

William Clark and Jonas Rose report on a new study that disovered a mechanism of attention in pigeons: electric fields traveling across the optic tectum, which could be thought of as the avian version of the mammalian superior colliculus.



On the 14th of September, nearly 400 people from the interested public came to Ruhr-University Bochum to enjoy the BRAIN DAY 2022 programme. From our lab, Aylin Apostel, Dorian Röders, Farina Lingstädt and Fabian Berg were there to present our RUBubbles project, excite curiosity and answer questions about avian cognitive neuroscience.


New publication available

In their study, William Clark, Matthew Chilcott, and Michael Colombo used progressive image scrambling to investiagte the visual system of pigeons. This procedure has not been used to evaluate neural responses in birds and offered great insights on visual processing of the anterior and posterior tectofugal pathway.



We are happy to welcome Jesus J. Ballesteros as a postdoc and member of our lab - eagerly looking forward to working with him on exciting new projects!

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